Which PHP functions are disabled on your WordPress platform?

Our WordPress platform has been specifically designed to offer the best security, performance and reliability for WordPress.

As a result, we have specifically tuned firewall rules and layers of protection to help keep WordPress sites secure. As part of this protection, a small number of PHP functions have been disabled, as we’ve found that they’re often used for malicious purposes. 

The following functions are disabled for security reasons:

  • exec
  • opcache_get_configuration
  • opcache_get_status
  • passthru
  • parse_ini_file
  • popen
  • proc_open
  • shell_exec
  • show_source
  • system

In our experience, it’s highly unlikely any of your plugins rely on any of the functions above. However, if you have a genuine use case for any of these functions, you can still host your WordPress site on our Linux platform.

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