Do you disallow any WordPress plugins on your WordPress platform?

Our WordPress platform was designed and built exclusively for WordPress.

This level of platform to software exclusivity allows us to truly fine tune both hardware and software around WordPress. Each site is given its own PHP-FPM resource pool which is running the latest and fastest PHP 7 software with an inbuilt PHP OPCache.

Additionally, we run several edge caching systems that cache your WordPress content right at the start of our network to ensure the fastest load times for your visitors – no matter how busy things get. To manage this, each WordPress install comes bundled with our caching module which you can control via the WordPress admin interface. 

Unfortunately, not all plugins were designed to run at scale and may cause problems for you and your website. In order to provide a super-fast and secure platform for all customers, we do have some restrictions on the plugins you’re able to use on your WordPress package. 

Disallowed Plugins

The following plugins are not allowed on our WordPress platform due to excessive resource use:

Broken Link Checker
Fuzzy SEO Booster

Caching Plugins

Our WordPress platform comes with various layers of caching built in. One of the most effective of these caching layers, especially at scale, is our edge cache system.

Unfortunately, most cache plugins will interfere with this and as a result, we don’t recommend running any caching plugins on your WordPress site.

This includes, but is not limited-to: W3TC, Super Cache, WP Rocket and Hummingbird.

Don’t panic! You won’t need them – all caching plugins are built for speed, and you can rest assured our caching plugin will do that hard work for you. 

What about your Standard Platforms?

While we discourage the use of the above plugins across all platforms, we currently have no restrictions on what plugins you can use on our standard hosting platforms.

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