I installed WordPress on the temporary URL, how can I change it to my domain name?

If you’ve utilised the temporary URL and would like update it to your own live domain, then you can easily use the our WordPress tools facility to update this. To update the temporay to the live URL:

  • Head to your list of hosting packages -> [select package] -> Users. 
  • You’ll then see the Site URL and Home fields, currently they should have the following type of URL: http://example-co-uk.staging.com.
  • Update both of these fields to your live domain, e.g. http://example.co.uk.
  • Select Save Settings.

Note: Ensure you update the hyphens (e.g. ‘ – ‘) to periods (e.g. ‘ . ‘) when updating the URL in order for the live domain to work correctly.

You should now be able to access your site at your live domain.

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