My domain is locked with my current provider, what can I do?

Registrars may ‘lock’ domain names to prevent unauthorised changes from being made to the domain.

This is often referred to as ‘Domain Locking’ or ‘Client Transfer Prohibited’. This status may be shown if you perform a WHOIS lookup on a domain name.

Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited

If your registrar does not give you access to unlock the domain name for transfer, then you should be able to contact them to request this. Once a domain has been unlocked you should then be able to transfer it to Wpworld.

What is the 60-day transfer lock?

When a new domain is registered – or if you transfer a domain name – then it’ll be subject to a 60-day transfer lock which can’t be bypassed.

The 60-day transfer lock is also placed on domains that have had their Registrant contact information updated. You may request the transfer first, and then update the contact information when the transfer to completes to ensure you can transfer your domain.

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