How do I create a MySQL database?

You can create MySQL databases in seconds directly from your Wpworld control panel. 

This option is unavailable for packages hosted on our WordPress platform due to its WP-optimised nature. If you need to create a MySQL database, you’ll need to move the website to our Linux platform.To create new MySQL databases:

1. Log in to and select Manage Hosting.
2. Choose Manage next to the hosting package you wish to create a MySQL database for. 
3. Under Web Tools, select MySQL Databases. Here you can complete the following actions:

  • Create new MySQL databases. Each MySQL database has a maximum size of 1024MB (1GB).
  • Manage existing databases.
  • Add additional MySQL users to databases.
  • Manage your additional MySQL users.

4. Under Add a new MySQL Database, choose a name for your database. Database names must be between 6 and 20 characters long, and we automatically add a suffix to avoid name collisions with other users.

5. Once you have chosen a name, click Create Database. Your new MySQL database will automatically appear in the Manage MySQL Databases section underneath.

From here you can change the automatically generated password, monitor usage, remove your MySQL database, or log in to your database.

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