How do I obtain the authorisation code/EPP code for my domain?

If you intend to transfer your GTLD domain elsewhere, you’ll need its authorisation/EPP code. The following guide details how to obtain this from your Wpworld control panel.

​Please note, domain names that have been registered or transferred within the last sixty days may not be transferred to or from Wpworld. This is a registry restriction.

  • Log in to
  • Once logged in, head to Manage Domains
  • Select Manage on the required domain name.
  • Under Domain Management, select Transfer Away.
  • If the domain name is locked, you should then be presented with the following: ‘To unlock the domain, you will need to select the green arrow.’ Doing so will unlock the domain. If the domain is unlocked, proceed to the next step.
  • Your authorisation code will then be presented to you.

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