How do I use traceroute?

Traceroute is a tool used for diagnosing network-related issues. It does this by displaying the route to the destination specified – a domain name or an IP address – and records how long it takes packets to reach that destination. Occasionally we may ask you to perform a traceroute. Here’s how to do it on our 3 hosting platforms:


  • Click ‘Start’
  • Type in ​Run and then click on the icon that appears (a box should open)
  • Type cmd and then press OK to open command prompt
  • In the window that appears, type in: tracert (or the IP address depending on the issue) and then press ‘Enter’.

Apple iOS

  • Browse to Applications -> Utilities -> Network Utility -> Traceroute
  • Enter the domain or IP address you need to diagnose, then select Trace


  • Open a Terminal window
  • Type: traceroute (or replace ‘’ with an IP address if requested to do so)

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